Thursday, July 28, 2011

The summer reading program

The summer reading program has been such a blessing to our family this summer in so many ways.

1 - it's been a free activity and the kids love going each week to get their next prize for listening to/reading books.

2 - it's kinda pushed us into more quality time together as I read books to the younger two boys.  Princess was too young for the program this year but she often listens along as well.

and sometimes she takes matters into her own little hands and reads alone.

3 - it's shown Squirrel monkey that he can read.... by himself... for fun or to his brothers.  It's stretched him as a reader and he's really gotten into it.  I LOVE it.  He was about 5 mo younger than the age category called for but he's been reading independently for more than a year so I kinda pushed to have him put in the read alone category to stretch him and it's been great. 

4 - the prizes have been great - free snacks at McD's (our local McD's sponsors our reading program), and tickets to the county fair - one "ticket" includes a free parking pass, one free ride ticket, and one free amphitheater ticket.  This is huge for us.  It will allow us to go to the fair together as a family this year for super low cost - just the cost of KOJ and I getting in the gate, since we've got the parking pass.  I'm so blessed by this because I know that the kids are going to LOVE the fair.  It will also allow KOJ to take the boys to the demolition derby with a bunch of their church friends and their fathers.

So if you didn't check out your library's summer reading program this year make sure you do so next year for sure.  You might be surprised at the great things this free summer activity can bring into your life.

Later this week er... wait it's already Thursday isn't it?  Ummm... then maybe tomorrow but maybe not until next week I'll be reviewing our summer bucket list and see where we stand with that and the chances of meeting the goals on it.  I'm also feeling a post about how we socialize our monkeys coming on.

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