Tuesday, July 26, 2011

a new adventure

Sometimes there are people in our lives that we perhaps take for granted.  But we shouldn't.  We esp shouldn't take for granted the things that we can learn from these people.  One of these people in my life is my grandma.  She makes amazing quilts, her knitted Christmas stockings are family heirlooms in my opinion.  I'm sure there's a TON more that she knows that I don't but those two things come to mind.

Now I don't currently have an interest in quilting because I don't have the time or space at this season of life (but someday I totally will).  I am however DYING to learn how to knit.  So I called my grandma up today and asked her if she'd teach me how to knit.  "Sure!" she said and then told me not to buy any needles as she has plenty. 

I'll probably start with something simple like these pot holders only in solid colors.

Then I'll move on to other fun things like

and this
and this

Oh yes, I've wanted to learn how to knit for a VERY long time but having a daughter has gotten me off my procrastinating rump and onward I'll go.  Maybe I can make her one of these beauties for her birthday next year.

Learning to knit is also on my "bucket list" of sorts.  And so I'm going to embark on a new adventure and take some wisdom from a grandma who has it and the time to impart it.

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