Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Party decorations.... a tutorial

How to mess up er make party decorations.

First buy lots of extra pink tissue paper in the half off after Easter sales.  Making each package (which makes one pom pom) .50.

Second find the online tutorial for the tissue paper pom poms that looked cute and easy.

Third half glance at the tutorial directions and then sit down to get started.  You need 8-9 sheets of tissue paper.  And the tutorial I looked at called for a boning tool but I don't have one so I used a tongue depressor instead.

For this project you also need floral wire to wrap around the middle.  See?  You wrap it around tightly once you've finished the accordion folding.

Fourth forget a step, mess up another by not pulling gently enough.

Fifth - use it anyway, heh, she's only one she'll never notice the mistakes. lol

Six try again and this time follow all of the directions as closely as humanly possible and hope for better results.

 This was the step I missed the first time.  Trim the ends to a rounded shape (or you could make them pointed I suppose).  I like the HUGE difference it makes.  Also I did not use the boning tool on each fold either with the first one and that really made a difference with the new ones.

These ones turned out very nicely and I can't wait to hang them in the pavilion to add some color on Saturday.  This entire project for three pom poms cost less than 2.50.  Amazing!  Check back Friday for a glimpse at our thrifty center pieces that double as the party favors.

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