Sunday, July 10, 2011

menu planning for a busy week

So this week we are going to be super busy.  We have our church's VBS program every morning.  An appt Monday afternoon.  And lots of prep for Princess' 1st birthday.  That's right, it's birthday week.  I can't believe my baby girl is going to be one this week.

So that leaves me going "ok we need to eat dinner but with VBS every morning that really only leaves my afternoon times for housework and party prep (making decor, making my own fondant and cake, etc.).  So I'm going to want fast and easy but I'm going to want fast and easy to include healthy too.  So this week lets plan some handy crock pot meals.

Let's start with breakfast.  Breakfast is something that is usually leisurely around here, I make it when I'm finally awake in the morning and we generally have something that is cooked.  But I'm not going to have that luxury this week.  We're going to need breakfast that the kids can grab and eat in the van most likely.  So I will get some banana bread made, have plenty of fresh and easy fruit on hand, and maybe even make pancakes one evening/afternoon to last a morning or two since my kids are happy to eat these as is cold from the fridge.  Yes I know, weird children.  For myself I will scramble a whole batch of eggs ahead of time and probably do egg wraps all week.  Cheaper than getting them from McD's right?

Lunches are going to be sandwiches - probably PB&J most of the week, maybe lunchmeat a day or two and tuna a day (maybe).  Another easy fruit and maybe a fresh veggie here or there.  They will eat in the van on the way home from VBS to stay awake for quiet/nap time.  I will eat something once I get home.  I will probably cook up a few chicken breasts and do sandwiches and salads with them this week.

Dinner - now this is the toughie because usually it's the most time consuming.

Sunday - tonight we're having BBQ chicken legs and mashed potatoes and glazed carrots (all home made).
Monday - I have a bag of chicken and bean gravy in the freezer that I will pull out and thaw.  I will serve it over mashed potatoes and add a side of steamed brocolli.
Tuesday - Chicken with salsa and corn and black beans in the crock pot served over rice
Wednesday - spaghetti and home made Italian bread (already in the freezer, just needs to thaw and rise before baking.
Thursday - easy burger stroganoff with mashed sweet potatoes
Friday - frozen pizza (on sale this week and a family favorite) and maybe home made breadsticks.  We'll see.  I'll serve a salad with the pizza.
Saturday we'll have a baked potato bar.  We can set the potatoes to cooking in the crock pot before Princess' party and come home to a simple but yummy meal.

So there's LOTS of fruits on sale this week.  Peaches and nectarines so I'll stock up on those and add in my normal apples and bananas.  Cucumbers and zucchini are on sale as well.  With the sales and what we already have in our pantry we should have a nice healthy menu without breaking the bank.

Check back tomorrow to see what Sis is getting for her birthday!

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