Thursday, July 14, 2011

The day the baby came

This week is the Princess' birthday.  She is one year old today!  It's amazing to me even still.  I typed out her birth story shortly after she was born but it's fun to think about it in retrospect now a year later.

Now I was the mama of three little monkeys and when we got pregnant with baby number four I totally expected another baby monkey.  But soon after getting the positive pregnancy test I knew in my gut she was a girl.  I've only known with two of the kids which gender they are and with the other two I wanted a specific gender so badly that it clouded any kind of mama instinct I might have even had.  I knew one hundred percent that Howler was a boy.  100% positive.  Never wavered in that belief my whole pregnancy and there wasn't a twinge of shock when he was born a boy.  And with Princess I knew she was a girl.  I was afraid to believe the instinct and feel disappointed but I knew it in my heart.  Funny enough these two are so much alike it kills me.  They have very similar personalities.  They are my good nappers.  They both suck two of their fingers on their left hands.  And they look almost identical at 1yr of age.

Aunty Lynn and Howler

Howler and Squirrel

And they are both equally adorable in my Dad's arms:

I so totally got off on a tangent here.  Sorry.  The day Princess came was very hot and I was miserable and I just wanted to have this kid out but my scheduled section was still a few days away.  The night before she came I had some twinges that were the same as twinges I experienced during Spider monkey's and it worried me because when I finally had my c-section with Spider the Dr. told me I had a partial rupture and I felt that's what this twinge was.  Then I went hours without feeling the baby move and I spent a lot of time worried and praying.  So then I was having some contractions and I thought my water broke so KOJ and I headed up to the hospital in the early afternoon of Wed, July 14th.  My water hadn't broken but I was having regular contractions.  So they decided to go ahead and bring my baby into the world.  I still remember very vividly having to make myself go to sleep about an hour before the scheduled time because I was internally freaking out.  My other c-sections had gone fine but I still felt super anxious about going in and having the spinal and the whole nine yards.  So we got into the OR and they had a really hard time getting the spinal in.  We tried this and that position and finally I heard them say that if they didn't get it in this last try that we'd have to go general and I was crying and praying.  If they had to use general they wouldn't allow KOJ into the OR and then we'd BOTH miss her birth.  But God had an angel in that OR with us that night.  His name was Hector.  He made a suggestion for a position we hadn't tried.  It worked!  I was so thankful that a year later I still tear up in thankfulness.  He was one of the BEST nurses ever.  A short time later my baby girl came into this world crying up a storm.  A giant 10lbs 6oz and lots of dark dark hair with her bright blue eyes.

 We could not have been happier.  She was amazing.  And she was the spitting image of me when I was a baby.  It was like I gave birth to my clone and it was kinda creepy but that mama love was totally taking over.

Howler with Princess

Even from the very start they have been buddies.  She has been adored by her brothers the entirety of her little life and I get so much pleasure watching them all together each day.

Happy Birthday sweet Princess girl!  I adore you still!  Who wouldn't?  Look at her!

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  1. tears streaming down my face, you are an amazing writer and she is an amazing neice! I am so blessed!