Friday, July 15, 2011

Frugal Friday birthday week

So Princess turned one yesterday and her party is tomorrow.  Being a family of six and me staying home with the kids means that frugality MUST be queen in our jungle.  You saw on Wednesday that I was able to make a few colorful party decorations that will hang around the pavilion from the rafters.

Secondly we chose a pavilion that doesn't have a registration fee/rental fee - I just have to be the first one there to claim it for the day.  I plan to do that. 

Third - more decor and party favors.  Someone suggested I make cookies on a stick for party favors so I'm going to.  Each one will be decorated with a pink crown outline in the middle and have a printed thank you tag.  Those are going to double as part of the center pieces during the party.  See?

First I found these cute silver pails on sale for 50% off a few months ago.

I bought ten.  They were 1.47 at regular price so for ten of them I paid $7.37  What's great is that I'll keep and re-purpose these (I'll probably post about it later) so the cost is super minimal for that factor.  Then I went and got one package of this:
That one package cost 2.00 at the local walmart.  I cut each block into quarters and had two pieces left over.

Then I put the pink easter grass that I also got at the 50% off Easter clearance at walmart in on top of the green and jabbed the cookie sticks in to create a fun little arrangement.  I bought three bags of the Easter grass for a total of 2.00 for the Easter grass. 

I am 100% sure that they will look great with cookies baked on them. hahaha  I love how the pink grass ties it into the whole pink princess theme.  So in review these center pieces/party favors/future school supply holders cost: just penies under 20.00.  So each center piece is 2.00 or each favor is .50.  Not too shabby.  Totally cute and frugal too.  The queen of the jungle is rocking this party.

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