Monday, July 18, 2011

31 days to clean Day 1

I'm beginning the original book of challenges today.  I'm very excited about it.  Now that VBS and Sierra's party have been done and over I can get back into keeping my home and having more relaxed fun with the kids.

Today's Mary challenge is to create a Mission Statement for myself.  WHY?  Why do I want to have a clean home?  What are my priorities in doing so?

I want to have a clean home:

so that the kids and I can have a peaceful place to play and learn
so that projects with the kids - whether art or baking or board games - can be done on a whim because the tables and counters are cleaned off regularly
so that I don't have to feel guilty about taking an impromptu trip out to the park or the fountains or the library
having a clean house - esp kitchen makes it easier for me to get home cooked meals on the table every night
so that I can more freely invite friends over for fellowship
so that the kids (as they are getting older now) can invite friends over for playing
so that I can feel at peace in my heart that I worked hard and did my job each day
so that I can teach my children HOW to keep a home themselves one day
so that my family will feel loved.  

If I only clean because company is coming over WHAT does that tell my family?????  GAH!  No more of that.  

I really enjoyed the routine challenges.  Getting into a routine really helped me feel less overwhelmed and more in control.  I will continue with that basic routine.  The Martha challenges in the original book are more of a deep cleaning/decluttering set of challenges.  So each morning I will start with my routines.  Then sometime during the day (probably late afternoon most days) I will do the Martha challenge of the day.  I will read and do the Mary challenge of the day in the mornings.  I hope to update each Monday on my progress in both the Mary and the Martha challenges.

The Martha challenge today is to create a list of supplies I will need to complete all of the Martha challenges.  I will just look ahead at this weeks challenges and see what I need for the week and do that each week.  I will NOT be doing a challenge on Sunday.  Sunday is my day off.  

I'm pleased that the challenges are of a simple nature today because Princess and Howler have well checks this afternoon at the peds.  I'm praying that the ped will be able to tell me why my daughter hasn't been sleeping the past few nights (I suspect an ear infection or her 1yr molars or maybe both - whatever it is I hope it stops soon because I'm a zombie over here.)

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  1. Hope they figure it out so you can get some rest! I remember those days. Not fun :/ is one of the blogs that I like to read. She gives lots of tips and tricks for people (like ME) who aren't clean freaks, but just want a clean house. She also has some very yummy recipes posted too :)