Saturday, July 30, 2011

Summer bucket list review and update

So I just copied and pasted in the original list and I've crossed out the things we've done.  I'm also adding pics of some of the things we've done this summer.

Go swimming

Go to the park - East Pointe Park
Go Aunty Rachel's house
Go and go shopping at the dollar store
Go to the Kid's place (the children's museum)

Play soccer ball
Play baseball
Get ice cream
Get ice cream from the ice cream truck
Go to the beach

Go camping

Spider monkey was asleep at the time of inquiry.  I will be sure to post back an edit if he has anything to add to the list. lol

Work, eat, sleep, play games.  I'm a boring person and you just need to come to terms with that. lol
See Harry Potter
Practice baseball with Squirrel (and maybe Howler too)
Take the boys to a real baseball game - minor league

Attend strawberry fest
Go to the county fair
go see the balloons at the balloon festival - this is not going to happen because it's past and we were camping that weekend.  I'm ok with that.
go camping with my dad and sisters and all of our kids
My dad with the two smallest Granddaughters

Visit Nana Sue's farm
Go to Shipshewanna flea market (I have NO idea if I spelled that right. lol) Have this scheduled to do with my mom and sisters and grandma in September.
stargaze with the kids one night
catch lightning bugs with the boys
go to the fountains again
meetup with friends from CMF
Go on a date with KOJ to see the last Harry Potter movie Would you believe that we didn't take pics of ourselves on our date?  We had a great time though and were super blessed to only have to pick up and bring home Princess that night.  The boys stayed overnight in two other places.
Make home made ice cream with the boys
have a water balloon fight with the kids - I'm probably not going to do this.  It no longer sounds appealing to me to be honest.
make a fort in the dining room on a rainy day
have a wii bowling family night
have a matchbox car race with all the cousins
have a cookout with church friends

See I'm glad I came back here to check this out because while we've done plenty this summer we've missed some very key things on our list.  Of course the county fair hasn't even happened yet and we will be attending when it does.  But now I can review and get some of these things done!  How are you doing on your list of Summer fun stuff??

Other things we've done this summer: attend lots of little league and Christian church league ball games, go to the library weekly, visit other various parks in our town, and played out in our yard lots.  The ice cream truck hasn't been by pretty much at all and the once or twice it has we didn't have any cash in the house.  But at the next opportunity we will be all over it like white on rice!

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