Thursday, June 2, 2011

And the season has begun

So it's a bit late but here it is anyway.  My biggest monkey has started little league this year.  He had his first game last week on Tuesday and his other game that week was rained out so he had his 2nd game this past Tuesday.  He did well, needing the tee at his first at bat both games but hitting from the coach pitch on his 2nd at bat at each game.  He's so cute in his uniform too.  Check him out:

I LOVE this picture:

Playing catcher.  The boy in white behind the fence there is Spider monkey.  He wants so desperately to play real ball too.  Poor kid has a few years still because of how his birthday falls.

He looks so cool in the catcher's helmet:
Sissy practiced her mad standing skills and I cut off Howler's head in this pic (oops) and didn't get any decent pics of him at the game.

And this was our first t-ball game experience.  He seems to enjoy it and it's cute watching them all play baseball.  We do need to work on his running to base skills as he currently more like saunters and as he gets older that just isn't going to cut it. hahaha, but for now they're mostly learning how to hit and which direction to run.  So far he's done well with that.

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