Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Our Summer Bucket list

So I asked the boys to name me some things they want to do this summer.  I added in a few things that I want to do this summer.  I even consulted KOJ.  And we came up with this list.  I'll try to post weekly and cross of the things we've done on the list.  I'm super excited that the kids are getting older and Princess is super flexible about where/when she sleeps if the need for such flexibility arises.

Go swimming
Go to the park - East Pointe Park
Go Aunty Rachel's house
Go and go shopping at the dollar store
Go to the Kid's place (the children's museum)

Play soccer ball
Play baseball
Get ice cream
Get ice cream from the ice cream truck
Go to the beach
Go camping

Spider monkey was asleep at the time of inquiry.  I will be sure to post back an edit if he has anything to add to the list. lol

Work, eat, sleep, play games.  I'm a boring person and you just need to come to terms with that. lol
See Harry Potter
Practice baseball with Squirrel (and maybe Howler too)
Take the boys to a real baseball game - minor league

Attend strawberry fest
Go to the county fair
go see the balloons at the balloon festival
go camping with my dad and sisters and all of our kids
Visit Nana Sue's farm
Go to Shipshewanna flea market (I have NO idea if I spelled that right. lol)
stargaze with the kids one night
catch lightning bugs with the boys
go to the fountains again
meetup with friends from CMF
Go on a date with KOJ to see the last Harry Potter movie
Make home made ice cream with the boys
have a water balloon fight with the kids
make a fort in the dining room on a rainy day
have a wii bowling family night
have a matchbox car race with all the cousins
have a cookout with church friends

That is it for now.  But don't be surprised if we all add a few more things throughout the summer.  Most of these should be pretty easy to accomplish and should help foster a fantastic sense of fun this summer.  And most of them fit into our budget of FREE. lol

Now I contemplated making an activity jar for me and the kids for during the days.  I chose not to this year.  I did sit down and jot out things we could do each day for the months of June, July, and first two weeks of August before we start school again.  Mostly simple things like going to the park, the library, the fountains, the pool, etc.  Some crafts and yummy treat making was also included.  I will revisit the jar idea next year.

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  1. Great bucket lists! Good luck achieving all of your goals! :)