Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A lesson about whining and dragging my feet and the story of the curls

Hello Tuesday!  Sorry I'm late. lol  I was busy this morning, taking the monkeys (and princess too of course) to the library and then the fountains in front of City Hall for some water play.  They of course enjoyed both activities.

I recently had a revelation that I don't think I've ever had before (though it's possible I have and it has simply completely escaped my mind at this point in time).  I wrote before about how housekeeping has always been a challenge for me.  I think I've figured out partly why.  Woot!  The thing is that I don't wanna.  I don't wanna clear the table for the millionth time, I don't wanna wash and dry and fold the laundry for the billionth time, I don't wanna wash the pots and pans I used to make supper cause my feet hurt and I'm tired and I'd rather sit and sulk and moan and whine about the work to be done.  But I've found a new attitude and I completely attribute that to God because truly it's not of my own selfish, lazy, human self.  Why waste time moaning and dragging my feet?  If I just do the task I'm dreading it takes a few minutes at most and then I can spend time reading my favorite blogs, taking the kids for a walk, watching a movie, reading with the monkeys, or WHATEVER, guilt free, because my work is already done.  Not only that but I can do these things with a peaceful home that is clean.  My laziness hasn't made me a very happy person.  It also hasn't caused me to be content in any way.  Maybe, just maybe, I can find some contentment in the hum drum routine of being the mama of three monkeys and a princess if I just stop acting like one of the monkeys when I ask them to help empty the dishwasher or dryer.  And that is my lesson for the day.  Get on in there and get some stuff done.  Truly, you will find peace.

And so curls.  You all may have noticed in the past pictures I've posted that Howler monkey had a head full of the most gorgeous blond curls EVER.  I LOVED his curls.  Here's a refresher picture:

So this past weekend KOJ asked me to cut his hair.  We invested in our own set of electric clippers because hair cuts are expensive for 5 people!  So anyway, I had gone and gotten my hair cut on Friday night so hair cuts were on the mind Saturday morning I suppose.  So I trimmed KOJ's hair up all nice.  Then it was Squirrel moneky's turn.  His hair is super thick and was pretty shaggy long.  So I trimmed it right up and it looks great (hold yer horses I'll post pics in a minute).  Next thing I know Spider monkey's yelling "My turn, my turn!" I've never done his hair with the clippers before, I've always done it by hand with the scissors but I decided to go ahead and use the clippers and it turned out great.  Now back to Howler and the curls.  I LOVED his curls and when they are just the right length and with a special curl spray in them they look amazing and healthy and cute.  But Howler was resembling a shaggy dog more than a monkey and so I knew it was time for a cut.  Now I stopped cutting his hair myself the last time I did hair cuts because it never looked right when I did it.  So I took him to the salon.  It turned out great.  I took him back again this time.  I guess I didn't express well enough that I LIKE the curls.  That I wanted the curls to still exist.  Because next thing I know I walk out with this handsome kid:

But I was kinda sad - ok no, I was super sad.  I missed this adorable kid:
It's hardly the same child.  Only as the days have gone on it is the same child.  Same personality, same tantrums, same loveable, hugable, snuggly boy.  And now a pic of all three handsome monkeys with their haircuts:
Spider and Howler
Spider, Howler, and Squirrel monkey - they adore each other truly.
Also I will be WAY more clear the next time I take Howler in for a hair cut.  After his curls grow back.  WAY more clear.  And for good measure so that she's not left out of the hair discussion, Princess with a pony tail:
And my fave pic of her from this weekend's fun family time:

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  1. I had NO idea it was an accident!!!!!! You poor traumatized woman! lol He does look adorable both ways tho!