Sunday, June 5, 2011

31 Days to Clean - give away within

First let me mention Muffin Tin Mondays.  I LOVE them.  I enjoy doing them and will come back to doing them in the fall when we start school back up.  Our days are so crazy right now that I just haven't had the concentration to plan for them and I'm going on a MTM hiatus for summer break.  Instead on Monday I will be posting about a new project I'm embarking on.

31 Days to Clean was written by Sara Mae another blogging mommy.  You can get more info here at 31 days to clean.  It is meant to help women get inspired and get a handle on their cleaning.  Having a Martha house the Mary way is the tagline.  This appeals to me.  I lean toward the Mary side of life.  But when I get into a Martha mood I'm extremely Martha.  Maybe I should explain who Mary and Martha are.  They are two sisters in the bible.  Jesus came to visit with them and their brother Lazarus.  Mary sat at Jesus' feet and soaked in his presence and words of instruction while Martha was trying to be a hostess who had a clean home, perfect food, etc.  This book tries to help us home makers have a Mary heart - seeking out how we can glorify and even worship God with having a clean home.

So here comes the fun.  The book was initially written with the Martha challenges being more of a deep cleaning throughout the house (which I haven't done yet, I'll admit).  But the author has released a new set of Martha Challenges to be done that are more about creating a routine for daily upkeep of the house.  More exciting is that she needed a focus group to test these out and give her the ins and outs of how they worked for us and I get to be in the focus group!  Now blogging about the journey or the book even isn't required but since I have a blog and as a gift to me for being in the focus group I get to give a special code to THREE people to download their own copy of this e-book.  So leave a comment and I'll choose three random people to receive a code for a free copy of this book.  You can earn an extra entry by sharing this give away on facebook and commenting here that you did.  Give away ends Monday, June 6th at noon EST so that the winners still have the opportunity to start the challenge this week.

I will be beginning the new challenges for the focus group TOMORROW!  The challenges run from Monday through Saturday taking Sunday off as a day of rest.  I will blog for the next few Mondays about the previous weeks progress.  It is my understanding that along with the new Martha Challenges I'm supposed to go through the book reading and completing the initial Mary challenges and so that is what I plan to do.  If you're joining the June 31 days to Clean challenge please feel free to link up in my comments on any Monday post in June.


  1. Oohh, enter me! I am definitely interested! :)

  2. I am interested. I kept thinking we need a bigger home. Now I have come around to the idea we need less stuff! So I have been working to that end did the bedrooms and bathrooms but the main living area is very challenging. Need some help, new ideas.

  3. Oh, I just spent 4 days and countless trashbags totally purging Mini-Me's room while she's away this summer! It felt so gratifying to have a completely cleaned out and scrubbed room w/no clutter. Like Shay, I need to apply this to other areas now, too. This book would be great!

  4. I would love to be entered! Thanks!