Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Movie going the thrifty way

So I'm sure ya'll heard that Cars 2 hit theaters this past Friday.  I know even though I don't have cable I heard about it everywhere I turned on the internet.  Store ads weren't too helpful either.  Now I live in a fairly small, old Americana town, much like the one in the original Cars movie.  And we happen to have a drive in.  The drive in used to charge a flat fee per car regardless of the number of people.  They switched to per person prices a while ago though.  It is still however by FAR the cheapest way to see a new movie in the summer.

Now I didn't particularly have my heart set on watching this movie in the theater but I heard reviews of the movie.  Ironically the people were not happy with the movie and upon further inquiry I KNEW that my boys and I were going to LOVE this movie.  We watch tons of spy spoof type movies here and I love to watch old detective shows from the 70's and 80's.  So I knew that it would be right up our alley.  Then the fates came together and both Squirrel AND Howler fell asleep at "quiet time" yesterday.  I knew that meant it was THE day.  So I took my boys on a date to the movies.  I spent less than 20.00 for all three boys and myself to go to the movies AND have some yummy munchies.

Here's how.

1 Adult ticket 8.00
1 child ticket 2.00 (children under 5 are free)
1 bag of chex mix for the boys to split - free with coupon
1 bag of pretzel m&m's 1.00 after coupons
1 bag of bbq potato chips we ate about half 2.00 on sale
2 candy bars that mommy may have snuck .09 each after coupons

Total: 13.18

Wow, that's a great deal.  And I was right.  We LOVED the movie.  Though for those wondering I would advise against taking a 2.5yr old to the drive in. lol  He was fidgety through the whole movie trying to keep himself awake.  It would have been slightly more enjoyable if he had been more able to sit still.  But the older two and I LOVED the movie.

Also in regards to the drive in - ours (and I'm sure most out there) shows two movies in a row.  We left after the first last night for two reasons.  1. the next movie on was the Green Lantern and I have no desire to see it and it's not IMO age appropriate for the kids.  2. Spider monkey super needed to go home to bed as did the other two monkeys and the mama.

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  1. We love to go to the drive in! The only way our family of sooo many can go to the movies these days. We pop our own corn and bring a cooler of drinks and candy. So much fun.