Saturday, June 4, 2011

Shoes to fill

Sometimes my kids do something that is both hilarious and so tear inspiring and heart melting all at the same time.  Spider monkey did something just like this last Saturday.  I looked up to see this:

Those are KOJ's baseball pants.  They were clean and had been folded and left on the arm of the couch because someone in the house is TERRIBLE at actually putting the clean laundry away (not me! Said with an air of innocence we all know is a lie. hahaha)  I cracked up because as he turned and walked away his bare bum was showing through the zipper in the back.  But he managed to cover it up before I was ready to snap a pic.

I laughed and told him that I just LOVE him.  He wandered off.  He wandered back.  I looked down and saw:
Ok it's kinda dark but maybe if you look closely you'll see that he went and put on KOJ's cleats.  Have I mentioned how much this child wants to play baseball?  How much he wants to be JUST like daddy?  To fill Daddy's super sized shoes?  Well he does.  All of that.  I share this last picture in hopes that ya'll can ignore the mess around him and focus on the precious child who just wants to fill his daddy's shoes (and baseball pants)
It must be that his daddy is an awesome guy for him to so badly want to step into his shoes.  I hope you all have a great Saturday - do something as a family.  I know I plan to let KOJ further inspire the children while I do something cool - like take a nap or something.

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