Friday, June 3, 2011

Our Memorial Day

This post is going to have a TON of pictures.  Just so you know.  In case you hate pictures.  Then you can leave now.  Otherwise let's move on.  So on Memorial Day we mostly relaxed, did a bit of cleaning, I did some grocery shopping, KOJ and the two youngest boys did some napping, I did some potato salad making (it turned out great by the way) and Squirrel did some pool filling in the back yard.  But I wanted to do something more fun and memorable for the holiday.  So when the boys woke up from their naps we got them into their swim trunks and when the Veggie Tales movie they turned on was over we got Princess up and put her in her totally adorable swim suit.  And we loaded them up in the van:

I will now take a moment to mention that Spider is still rear facing at 2.5 because it is safest and he still has room in that seat.

Then we went and used some coupons to get them special drinks from McD's (the frozen strawberry lemonade):

Then we had them take off their shirts and sandals so they could go run around in the fountains!  The older two boys had NO problems with this. 

Spider though was quite tentative.  I'll let the pictures speak for themselves and you can clearly see his slow progress into the fountains.
Princess wasn't sure what to think.  She looked at the water.

Then she looked at us:
Spider is getting closer:
Princess stands up to get a better look:
Then she sees the camera and decides to be an adorable ham:
She was dancing and jabbering in that picture there.  Hard to tell I'm sure.  Oh now look and see here.
He came running up to me while I was videoing Princess and shouts "mama I got wet!"  "Great job baby!" hahaha, he's hilarious.  This next picture is my favorite of the boys from the day:

Proof that princess did in fact get into the water (and that her brothers adore her!)

And we all went home mostly happy (spider objected to leaving but it was well past 6pm and we hadn't eaten dinner yet).  The kids had a ton of fun and from what I hear it was a LOT less crowded than the public pool that had 950 people flood through it from 1pm-8pm.  Glad we went to the fountains instead.

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