Thursday, March 31, 2011

Let me introduce you

I am quite late at getting my post out today. This is because my children and I were blessed to go help Sister 2 while she is recuperating from a surgery to her abdomen.  She said she was feeling much better than she had been earlier in the week so that's good.

So I've talked about the monkeys, the princess, and KOJ.  And now I've mentioned Sis 1 and sister 2.  But since my extended family tends to be a large part of my life I thought perhaps I should mention them all to get it out of the way.  So I don't have pics for everyone - as least not super current pics but I'll do my best here.

My mom sewing (she does this a lot) and Princess is hanging out in the saucer.
 My Dad and my princess

Mom 2 with of course my princess (what can I say she's a popular baby!)

Sis 1 with Howler monkey
 Sister 2
The brother

Sis 3 - isn't she cute??  She is three weeks younger than Howler monkey.

So that's the parents and the siblings.  That doesn't even touch on KOJ's family.  So Sis 1, and I have the same mom and dad.  Sister 2 has the same mom, and Sis 3 has the same dad.  The Brother is Mom 2's son but our brother none the less.  Have you followed?  I know it gets confusing and we don't look anything alike.  Mostly.

Now try to keep following here.  I have my four kids - the three monkeys and the princess.  And when I was pregnant with each of my children one of my sisters was also pregnant at the same time.  So all of my kids have what I affectionately call their "cousin buddy".  We love to see how much bigger one is than the other or how similar in size they are or how much they look nothing alike but almost always act a LOT alike.  All told I have 7 nieces and nephews.  Sis 1 has four kids - two monkeys and two princesses, Sister 2 has two kids - a monkey and a princess, and Brother has a monkey.  It makes for interesting family get togethers and we don't do big holidays together.  My mom travels to each of our homes in turn on Christmas day to keep things somewhat less than chaotic. 

Still I LOVE having such a large extended family and love what it means for my children to have cousins so close in age to them.  They have no shortage of friends when we do get together and I think that's great.

So that's my family in a nutshell.  Soon I'd love to introduce you to KOJ's family.  Maybe one day next week.

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