Tuesday, March 29, 2011

this and that

This will be completely random, matter very little to you all in the reading audience, but will be enhanced by a few more fun pictures of my monkeys and princess.

1 - KOJ and I enjoyed the evening watching High School Musical 3.  I LOVE these movies and I watched the other two on netflix instant watch two or so weeks ago so I've been itching to see this one again.  We both enjoyed it and enjoyed analyzing it afterward.  We can really be such geeks.

Howler monkey has a fantastic sense of fashion.

2 - we moved the "office" portion of our living room upstairs and brought the futon couch downstairs.  I will now be able to go upstairs to have some quiet alone time for bible study, lesson planning, and just plain escape.  I do live in a jungle of monkeys after all.

Squirrel monkey - I know ya'll didn't see him as a baby but he is just looking so grown up here it kills me.
3 - Princess stood alone Sunday night.  She is 8 mo old and while two of her brothers were walking by now I much prefer she follow in the footsteps (pun intended) of her other brother who waited until just before his first birthday to walk.  But I can't help but be super proud that she stood all by herself with no support at all for a space of time - short space of time - but a space of time none the less.

Spider monkey - he was so proud of his potato head

4 - It is sunny outside!  I love it.  But I don't think when I walk out the door to load up for our playdate today that it will be as warm as I'm wanting it to be.  Oh well I shall be thankful for the sun regardless.
KOJ and Princess - aren't they cute together?  I think so.  I love watching him with his daughter.

And in closing today may you all have a great Tuesday!

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  1. The kiddos are so cute! I haven't ever seen any of the HS Musical movies. DH doesn't want to watch them. Hmmm...now that I have a girl child, perhaps it's time for some chick time. :)