Monday, March 28, 2011

Muffin tin Monday - our first attempt!

Now that I'm active in the blogging world I got to do something that has seemed so fun to me for a long time now.  Serve my kids lunch in a muffin tin!  I think I served way too much food though see what you think!

This is just one muffin tin.  I made the same thing for each of the monkeys.  Princess had a jar of squash.  In the tin from back to front and left to right is: ranch dip, fruit loops, celery stick, cheese cubes, banana slices, cucumber slices, honey mustard, broccoli, carrot sticks, chocolate chips (not a normal lunch item but I added it for fun), ketchup, and hot dogs.

Spider monkey looks on in awe!

the one on the left in the fantastically clashing outfit is Howler monkey and on the right is Squirrel monkey.  They all thought that this was a pretty fun way to eat lunch.  Two things about this picture - yes two of my monkeys are still in their pj's.  We often eat lunch in our pj's, sometimes we even eat supper in our pj's.  Why create more laundry?  We're only being green after all. And the second thing - we did not clean up after finishing our school activities before moving along to lunch so you may see this picture again in the school week recap on Saturday.

 They all dug in and ate pretty well.  I should mention though that I don't generally have a hard time getting my children to eat.  So this is really just for fun and to mix things up for ME as much as for them and not a ploy to trick them into eating things because really they'd eat everything in that tin even if it was on a regular plate in normal shapes.

This is not a picture from today but one day last week.  She was eating peas and chicken nugget pieces I think.  Whatever she was eating she was pretty happy about it.  This is Princess, just to clarify.  And she does have a diaper on, I generally don't feed my baby in a state of complete nakedness.  In fact I rarely feed my baby in a state of diaper only-ness either but I guess that was just what she had on at the moment.

One more picture of Princess, my foot, and Howler in the background.  Isn't she adorable?  For that matter so is he!

The muffin tin meal idea originated here.  I have linked up to the carnival over there and if you want to see lots of other great ideas for muffin tin meals check it out.  And tune in next Monday for our Very Hungry Caterpillar muffin tin meal!


  1. What a bunch of cuties! I love the muffin tin lunch idea.

  2. Yay for joining up with Muffin Tin Monday! Isnt it fun? I also do it just for fun as my kids arent picky either :)

  3. Ooh! Very Hungry Caterpillar would make a great muffin tin meal! I might have to steal it. Hope you don't mind. ;) I just started linking to Muffin Tin Mondays last week, so I'm looking for ideas.

  4. Absolutely! I'd love to see what you come up with too when you do! Thanks for stopping by my blog hope you visit again.

  5. Your tin looks great! I love getting to see your workspace!

  6. What a fun way to eat lunch. And my son is often in his PJs until well into the afternoon.