Saturday, March 26, 2011

This week at school

This week at school we talked and learned about the letter G.

I LOVE teaching the kids.  Being the one who gets to watch their eyes light up at fun activities, the one who gets to watch the bulb of understanding go on just never gets old.  I'm a very relaxed, hands on, experience teaches type of teacher.  This style doesn't work for some but for us, at this stage in our lives it works.

Monday we started out the week with Gumballs.  I bought gumballs from the bulk section of our local store and gave each child a scoop of them to sort out by color.  I then graphed the colors with each child individually and asked them questions about the least, the most, any that had the same amounts etc.  Howler did a great job coloring in the parameters that I outlined for him after he counted his gumballs.  Squirrel graphed his all on his own without any help from me at all.  I was very impressed. Spider mostly just ate way too many gumballs and I finally had to take them away.  I gave him a lacing card shaped like a gumball machine in exchange.

Before sorting, counting, and graphing the gumballs we did some cutting practice and the kids cut out paper gumballs and glued them into gumball machine shapes.  Howler's cutting skills are really improving while Spider has a ways to go. lol

Tuesday and Wednesday we didn't do any formal schooling but on Thursday we sat together and listed out some other things that started with the letter G.  We also talk about the weather and what day of the week it is in regular intervals throughout the week.

Friday we did something else that starts with G.  Garden.  We planted seeds to begin our garden for the year.  The kids had a ton of fun.  We used a kit from walmart where you add water to the little pieces of soil and they expand and then you plant the seeds in them and wait for them to grow.  We had a few empty rows left over so I plan to go get some seeds for another veggie or two.  Right now we have planted two kinds of tomatoes and cucumbers.

Also on Fridays we go to story time at the library and the kids love it and we all love getting out of the house regularly and being around other kids.

Sorry but I was so involved in the school activities this week that I neglected to take any eye catching photos for the blog but I'll try to do better next week as we discuss Quilts and the letter Q.

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  1. Sounds like you had a fun week! I love when I can get everyone involved with the schooling - it makes life so much easier... and I agree - I love seeing those little lightbulbs go off. :) So sweet!!

    I can't wait to see pics of next week!