Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cloth diaper give away

Have I mentioned that I'm one of "those" moms?  Mmhmm, the kind that breastfeeds and uses cloth diapers?  I haven't?  Well now I have.  I do.  Both of those things.  I started using cloth diapers when my oldest monkey turned one and developed an awful rash from a few too many blueberries at his birthday party.  I've tried all sorts of diapers over the years and settled into a one size pocket diaper about two years ago when the youngest monkey was a new baby.  I've really liked them a lot.  I LOVED that I could use them on my then newborn AND his 18 mo old brother by just changing the snap settings.  They have saved us untold amounts of money on the cost of diapering and when the princess was coming along I went ahead and bought her the same type of diapers in a couple of shades of pink and have LOVED those on her as well. 

All that to say that I've recently heard a lot of buzz about a different diaper called Charlie Bananas. You can enter a fantastic giveaway for them at One Smiley Monkey so go ahead and do it!  And hey if you don't need them and you win you could always send them our way for the princess to use!  I've read about this diaper and it looks fantastic.  It's what's called a hybrid diaper.  It can be used with cloth inserts that would then be washed or you can disposable inserts in it for situations when being able to toss the middle part would be more convenient, such as long flights, long days out and about running errands etc.  I don't know that I would use the disposable part very often but they still look like neat diapers.  So click on that link up there and check them out and sign up for the giveaway!

Got any questions about cloth diapering?  You can feel free to ask and I'll answer any that I'm able to.  I will say that one benefit of the cloth diaper is it gave Spider monkey a behind and now that he has potty trained himself his pants nearly always fall off!

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