Monday, November 12, 2012

The joy of giving!

This post has a two fold purpose today.  I've been planning to post a list of things we hope to attempt for our "giving project" this year.  We had so much fun last year but I feel like we can take it so much further this year.  And I have pored over some lists and jotted things out and have lots rolling around in my head so I could sit here and list out all the great things we hope to do.  But instead I'm going to link you to a post that has incredibly inspired me, that has a nice printable list, a printable family meeting plan, and a printable page where you can write in the things you want to do.  With 100 ideas for ways to bless others this Christmas season there's sure to be something for everyone on there!  So go check out this year's Light Em Up! project.  And stay tuned in December for update posts about what we're doing and loving.


In light of this giving thing I have decided to post about an event my church is hosting this weekend.  Each year our church sends a mission team somewhere.  One year it was El Salvador, last year it was India.  India has so touched the hearts of our church that they've chosen to go there again this coming spring.
The organization our team helps at while in India
And each year our church does fundraisers to help with the financial costs of the mission trip.  Some years we've done a baked goods auction (and we may still do that again this year, I have no idea) but this year someone took the time to organize a craft fair.  So this coming Saturday, November 17th our church is hosting it's first ever (to my knowledge) craft fair.  Each of the vendors are pledging an amount of their profits to the mission trip.  I am going to be hosting an Usborne table and donating 50% of my profits.  The joy of giving! 

I have been on a mission trip.  Two actually.  I went to South Africa when I was 16yrs old and spent a month there.  It was one of the most eye opening and life changing events.  I can close my eyes and still see those people, their faces, and know that I was able to share love with them.  The following year I took a two week trip to the Dominican Republic.  Again it was a great experience.  I love missions and I admire people who make it their life's work and I admire people who go on these short term trips to make a difference.  I am at a point in my life where I don't feel that I could pick up for a week or two and leave my children, neither do I feel called at this time to do that.  But I LOVE to be able to support those who are called and who are willing to go.  It certainly is not without it's sacrifices.  But it is always so worth it.  I've never heard someone return from a mission trip and say "Gee I really wish I hadn't gone."

The reason that I'm tell you, my readers, about this whole thing is that I have opened an e-show on my Usborne site in conjunction with the craft fair. 50% of all of my personal profits from both the e-show and the in person craft show will go to the mission team heading to India next spring.  So please, you may not be at a point of going to India yourself but do consider supporting those who are being called.  And really in return you'll be purchasing amazing books for your kids or grand kids, or you could buy a book or two for your own church or your local library.

The free books I get as hostess gifts will be given to my church nursery, the local library, and children in need this holiday season.  So let's do a good thing here.  If everyone chips in, marks off one or two things off their Christmas list by purchasing a book for each child we'll make a bigger difference than we can even imagine.

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