Sunday, December 4, 2011

Giving project - the Joy of Giving

So I meant to post a daily update about this.  But here's the thing. I'm a mother of four small children.  Sometimes the tasks we were picking weren't do-able on that day and sometimes the day disappeared before a task could get done.  And well, basically, I realized that while my intentions were fabulous, and on paper it is a great idea, in practice it's still a little on the unrealistic side of things. 

But have no fear!  We're not giving up.  We're just not going to be legalistic about the whole thing.  So on Thursday the boys and I made some treats to bag up and take to our favorite children's librarians at the local library.

Princess loves to clean and she's trying to wash the spot on the table.

Howler and Spider work on putting their kisses into their pretzels.

Princess works on putting her kisses into her mouth (clearly she's doing a good job, note the chocolate dripping).

Howler is still putting kisses in his pretzels - Squirrel is on the other side of him but you can't see him.  Spider's have been baked and we're putting the M&M's in the middles.

This was a super fun and easy baking activity that the kids could actually help with.  I found the idea on pinterest and being a lover of chocolate covered pretzels I couldn't resist it.  You just bake for 2 - 3 min (literally here people) on 250.  Then stick the m&m's in the middles.  Super yummy and super kid friendly.  These are going to become a yearly tradition I think.

We dropped off baggies of them to the librarians Saturday morning (because I refuse to take Princess to the library right now - she's a super-destructor at this age).  I also handed a baggie to the UPS guy when he dropped off the too many diapers we didn't mean to get from amazon on Friday.  He seemed visibly thrilled about it.  He's a nice guy, always very friendly so I was excited that I actually had these treats ready to just hand on over to him as a holiday thank you.

That's all we did in the giving department this week.  Next week I plan to put together treats for the church pastors, take the kids with me to donate some coats to the coat drive, and make cards for vets, military members, and elderly at some of our local nursing homes.  I'll update again next Sunday to let you know what we actually manage to do.


  1. How fun. I'm going to copy this!

  2. Such adorable photographs - what gorgeous children!

  3. Your pictures are cute and those pretzels look yummy!