Sunday, November 11, 2012

Setting the Scene

Thanksgiving is rushing up to meet us this year!  I'm always ready to move onto the Thanksgiving mentality the 1st of November but life has conspired to make that pretty impossible so generally about the 11th of November I'm finally able to move onto the Thanksgiving-ness of life.

As you'll recall (if you've been reading my blog regularly) Kayd had his birthday October 30th, then Halloween the next day and then once I've nearly recovered from those events boom, it hits me, Sawyer's birthday on November 10th.  So I can't really move onto the holidays fully until Sawyer's birthday has come and gone.  But I've been gearing up for them mentally, with lots of lists, invites to friends and family to come join us for turkey, and this morning I finally did a little bit of fall decorating.

I pulled out my fall decor a couple of weeks ago but I didn't really do much with it.  I wasn't quite ready yet.  But I installed fresh ink in our printer last night so I was finally ready to print those free Thanksgiving printables I found on pinterest.  Printed off two of my favorites, stuck them in frames, pulled out the rest of my decor and went to work.

What do you think?  The mini pumpkins were colored by the kids on halloween.  The wooden pumpkins we decorated as a family last year.  I left Sierra's blank until she was old enough to do it herself but I haven't gotten around to doing it with her yet this year.  I made the felt leaf garland last year too.  I think it turned out nice.  It makes me giddy to look at it.

As I said I found the printed pieces on pinterest.  For the Scripture printable go here.  For the subway art printable go here.  And for more fun Thanksgiving stuff - food, kids activities, decorating ideas etc feel free to check out my Thanksgiving pinterest board.  And I just pinned a ton more Thanksgiving decor printables on my For the Walls board so check those out for more variety.

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