Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Support small businesses this holiday and upcoming give away!

I like small businesses.  I don't always like that sometimes the prices are a bit higher than something you could get at a big box store or popular online shopping sites.  But I love that I'm actually supporting a person who is working hard to provide for their family IN the USA.

Here's how I see it, it's all connected.  I've recently begun my handmade Christmas projects (ok so two months ago I began, lol) and I've been purchasing fabric and thread and other pieces for different projects at stores like walmart and joann fabrics and meijer.  I do shop at the big box stores.  BUT for the work at home mom they buy their supplies at the big box stores and you buy their finished product from them and it supports all links in the commerce chain in the end.  But I think that the small businesses are often neglected.

I am privileged to know online and in real life some fantastic small business moms.  I am one of them even but I'll talk more about that later.  First let me introduce you to my mom friends.

First up is Megan.  She's a mama of two and a military wife.  She recently began selling cloth diapers and cloth wipes that she makes while she's home with her babies and her husband is deployed serving our country.  I was happy to support her when looking for a gift for a dear friend of mine who is due to have her blessing any day now.  She sells her diapers through her Sow Much Love facebook page.  Go check them out.  They are totally cute.
Next up is my friend Lisa.  She's a mama of one precious blessing but her store predates motherhood.  She's even semi local to me, living in the same state a few hours away.  She sells jewelry, ornaments, customized decorations for baby's room.  Her site has TONS of greatness.  She sells her stuff through her Little Painted Polka Dots website.  She also has some totally cute Christmas ornaments that can be customized just for you!

There are also those small business mom's who sell things like Mary Kay, Avon, Stampin UP!, Pampered Chef, Scentsy, and my personal fave at the moment, Usborne books.  Buying from these women still helps them support their families.  The previous links are to personal sales websites of other friends of mine.  Personally I like to shop from people I personally know when possible so if you already know someone who has a business through any of these companies and you are interested in their products please speak to your own friends about it.  

I am, personally, an Usborne Books and More demonstrator and I love these books.  I mostly signed up with the company because the sign on package is a good deal.  I also loved that there are no minimal sales requirements to remain a demonstrator.  You can check out what Usborne Books has to offer at my demonstrator website.

Please, this holiday season, consider supporting a small business, a work at home mom, or both with your dollars.  

And exciting news!!  A giveaway people!  Not just one giveaway.  Not just two giveaways.  But THREE giveaways!!!  Next Wednesday, right here on this blog you will have the chance to enter a giveaway for one of Meg's great diapers!  The following Wednesday you will have the opportunity to enter a giveaway for something from Lisa's fabulous collection.  And the Wednesday after that I will be a giving away some Usborne products.  So come back next Wednesday to learn more about Meg's diapers and enter for a chance to win one! 

*I was not paid for my endorsement or opinions of these women, their companies, or any other companies mentioned in this post.  If you shop through the Usborne link I will get a commission from those purchases.

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