Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sew Saturday: a wet bag

So last week I shared the peek a boo book I made for our friends soon to come baby.  This week I'm going to share the wet bag I made for her.  I made her a large wet bag for the dirty diapers and a small wet bag to hold her wet cloth wipes.  Yes, she's planning to cloth diaper.  A kindred spirit and I LOVED it.  So I stumbled across a super simple tutorial on pinterest.  The mama at Adventures of a Rookie Sewer showed us how to make a simple wet bag with printed PUL.

So I ran out to the nearest Joann Fabrics and grabbed a yard of this awesome owl PUL.
I came home and cut out my pieces, pinned on my zipper, and got to work.  I followed her tutorial and it turned out well.  I had one issue and that was solved by putting in a heavier duty needle.  So if you're having trouble keeping the stitches in the material try a heavier duty needle.  It did the trick for me.  I stitched up some simple cloth wipes to go in the smaller wetbag too.
So that's my sew Saturday today.  Go grab some PUL and give it a try!  Seriously, wet bags can be used for so many things and you can make it any size you want/need.

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