Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tis the season to feel overwhelmed

Ya'll I'm so overwhelmed over here.  Now usually when I feel overwhelmed I just ignore things that I meant to do, planned to do, wanted to do, sometimes even promised I'd do.  I ignore them and bury my head in proverbial sand.  But not this time.

Partly because one of the major overwhelming factors is my handmade holiday.  I knew what I was getting into and it's not even that I've been lazy about it.  I work on something at least a couple of nights a week, some weekend days locking myself in my room with a good movie.  I've made some solid strides even.  I've started on all but Sierra's block puzzle.

I've got the capes 1/2 done.
one of the boys' capes and Sierra's cape.

I've got the quilt fronts sewn together and I've begun pinning the batting and backing on.
two of the boys' quilts and Sierra's quilt

I've got Sierra's quiet book about 3/4 of the way done.  It's one last page and then minor details left to do.
just a few pages, there are twice this many.

I've got some of the masks cut out and the spiderman mask done.  

I've got so many plans rolling around in my head for jammies and dresses and nightgowns.  I want to desert the projects I've been working on - the capes, the quilts, the quiet book, and run along making dresses and shirts and jammies for Sierra.  But alas.  I cannot.  But when I can I'm going to make some super cute dresses out of this pile here:
I'm going to make ruffle layer dresses for Sierra and my nieces out of this material and I'm super excited.

And so I shall continue to endeavor to complete these projects in plenty of time to sit back and enjoy the month of December with my kids.

Another element of feeling overwhelmed is my house.  I just feel like no matter how much cleaning I do there's always more.  I think this sums it up for me.
So I've got some thoughts going on for ways to deal with this issue.  Also two of my kids need bed frames and really what I'd like to do is make these and move Kayd and Colton into a room together.
Bunk beds - free plans by Ana White
And next week is Thanksgiving.  I'm so looking forward to it but at the same time I'm having a small behind the scenes breakdown (but I'm trying to do it ahead of time so that when the day actually arrives I'm all calm and collected).  I host Thanksgiving.  I LOVE hosting Thanksgiving.  I just feel like I need to get some plans down on paper or something.  I mean I've planned the food but the timeline for the food, the black Friday shopping, what to serve for breakfast where to get all the crock pots I need.  Ya know, little things like that.  But it will all come together and in the end we will all be thankful and have a fantabulous day together.

And so I took time out of feeling somewhat overwhelmed with my holiday gifts, my desire to move my entire house around, AGAIN, and my emotions about Thanksgiving and cleaning to write this post.  I even managed pictures.  This blog is just another element to the list of things I'm juggling.  I think too that it doesn't help that with the latest weather shift I've again got some sinus gunk going on.  I hope it stays cold this time because I hate this part of the changing season.  And with this post I will be offline until next week.  Tomorrow I need to dedicate to my insanity (cleaning - see picture above). Friday I have a mommy playdate in the morning and my nephews and nieces in the afternoon/evening.  Saturday I'm at the craft show at our church.  Don't forget that you can order through the e-show!  Sunday we have church in the morning and I'm spending the afternoon at my grandma's working on the quilts.  She's a master quilter.  I'll have to get some pics and post them sometime.  She's not online but I am sure she wouldn't mind me sharing her work with the world.  Maybe I'll get her to write a guest post.  Ooh... great idea.

And this ends this post.  Have a great weekend people!  See you on Monday!  And don't forget that the giveaway will continue until 12:01am next Wednesday!

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