Friday, November 9, 2012

Random Friday happenings

It's Friday.  I feel like I need to write a post.  My head is spinning with so much.

Last week my oldest son turned 7, this week my youngest son turns 4.  Tomorrow.  I'm struggling to deal with it.  I'm still recovering from my oldest getting older.  I guess, given that they were due on the 8th and 9th of November respectively, I should be thankful that their birthdays didn't end up closer together than they did.

It's also that season.  Winter gear season.  Now I will admit that in the past I haven't bundled my kids and sent them out in the snow often.  Though I think they spent more time outside last winter than in winters past it was a very mild winter and snowpants/boots were rarely required.  I have a gut instinct that we're going to have a VERY cold and VERY snowy winter this year and I'm trying to figure out who needs what.  I save things from year to year because generally speaking my kids hand things down from one to the next each year.  I may have given away some of the 2t stuff though thinking it was boyish and Sierra needed girly.  Seriously.  I'm an idiot.  I don't really care what color her winter coat that she might wear once a week during the season is.  What was I thinking?!?!  Fortunately I have great friends and she's all set for a coat and I did keep the blue 2t snowpants.  Phew. 

Boots.  I hate boots.  I have to get at least one new pair of boots every winter.  This winter it's Colton who is in need of boots.  Though it makes more sense I think to have him wear the slightly too big pair and get Kayd slightly too big boots that might last two winters.  I had all the kids trying on pants and coats and boots and Sierra thought for sure she was going to play outside.  Poor girl was so sad when I told her to take off her snow stuff.

Then I delved into the hats and mittens.  Mittens are worse than socks in this house and we have enough trouble with socks.  I laid out all the mittens, matched up those that matched and then just tried to match based on size and not actual color and about 3/4 of the mittens I have did not have matches in size or color.  Where are all these mittens at??  Seriously, there must be a mitten monster.

We don't use our winter stuff often.  Since my kids don't go to public school and don't have outdoor recess every day it isn't vital that we have a ton of extra snow stuff on hand.  I do like to have two or three pairs of mittens for each child because those get wet and cold quickly and that way I can change them and let them play outside for longer.  But really I have at least a dozen hats here for four children.  Do children really need 3 hats each??  Their coats all have hats as well.

I'm trying to declutter this house before the holidays.  The clutter just makes me feel boxed in and anxious and blah.  There's just so much STUFF with a family of 6 but I'm certain that some of it could go and we wouldn't miss it a bit.  Just gotta figure out what and get it out of here.

Those are my random thoughts today.  Going through our winter stuff was part of my decluttering project.  I did find a few things to pass on to the local coat drive and so I'm happy about that.  I also culled out several hats and VHS tapes we haven't so much as looked at let alone considered watching in more than a year.  With Thanksgiving in less than two weeks I really want to get things in shape as we have out of state visitors coming to spend the holiday with us.  Wish me luck.

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