Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Muffin Tin Monday - Snow

Well it's January.  Or so they say.  For the most part we haven't had much of the white stuff.  But none the less it's what we're talking about in school.  We're reading Katy and the Big Snow for our FIAR book these last two weeks and so I did a snow themed muffin tin.
Clementine sun, snow juice (milk), pasta with snow (parm cheese), snowman banana slices, more banana slices with some snow sprinkles, and snowflake and snowman cut outs of mozzarella cheese.
I used some mini wilton cookie cutters to cut the snowmen and snowflakes.  I mixed the cheese scraps from each slice into the child's pasta.
They seemed to enjoy it.  Though Kayd tried to tell me that the orange had nothing to do with snow.
Sawyer and Sierra didn't really care if the orange had anything to do with the snow, they love them snow or not.

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