Monday, January 30, 2012

Moving Monday!

Usually I post our fun muffin tin lunches on Monday but we did not have a muffin tin lunch last week so I'm taking the day off from that.

Moving Monday could mean so many things.

It could mean that I want to motivate myself to get in more movement - ie exercise - and while this is true it wasn't my true intent in the title.

It could mean that I'm moving houses or cities or states but that's not happening.

It DOES mean that I'm re-arranging some things in our home again. 

When we moved bedrooms around back in the fall we moved the school room to the landing upstairs.  I like the space but it's presented a couple of problems.  Problem one is that school is best done while Sierra is napping for the time being and her bedroom is upstairs right off the landing.  Problem two is that the kids' toys are all upstairs and I send them up to play in the mornings after breakfast and they often have (age appropriate) trouble with the boundaries of staying out of our fantastically fun looking school stuff.  This has been an issue for a while now but I've just been trying to live with it.  I just can't live with it anymore.  But WHERE?? will I put all of our school stuff??  I don't want it back in the dining room.  I like the clean streamlined look I accomplished in the dining room a long while back.  And then it occurred to me that the laundry room would be the perfect place to store things so they are accessible but out of the children's general life path.  Right now the laundry room has been a family closet.  KOJ and I moved our clothes out a month or so ago and into our bedroom.  So really it's just the kids' clothes and a junk dropping spot.  So we're going to move the kids' dressers/clothes upstairs to the landing and create a huge closet for our school stuff.

So this Monday I'm telling you about it and hopefully next Monday I'll have pictures of the finished product.  Don't worry though I plan to have a Muffin tin to post next Monday as well.

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