Friday, August 26, 2011

What a week!

In my life...
I've been working hard at eating right and adding some exercise into my daily routine. That's one.... mediocre in my opinion.  I've also been working hard at cleaning, organizing, and decluttering through the first floor.  I totally cleaned out our laundry room/family closet the other day and it feels so good to walk in there now to wash laundry.

In our homeschool....
I've been SUPER busy trying to juggle three kids with different curriculum and all still in fairly teacher involved stages. Trying to find the best schedule (but you can read more about that in yesterday's post).

My favorite thing this week was seeing Howler write his name so neatly:

A link or picture to share:
Who can resist this cuteness???
Not me that's for sure.  Stinking adorable!

So I'm linking up today so click on the button and check out the other homeschool mother's journals out there in blogland.

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