Friday, August 5, 2011

The Homeschool Mother's journal

I'm always looking for new things to post about so I don't begin to sound like a broken record here on my blog and today I came across this link up that looked fun!

In my life this week…
  This week the kids and I have had just a relaxing week here at home for the most part.  Yesterday we went to the store for a few things and then I took the boys to the huge sled hill at one of our local parks where they ran up and down for a while.

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…

   Tomorrow I'm planning to take another family trip to the library in the morning, and in the evening we're meal hosting BIHN - it's a local homeless outreach network thing.  Our church sponsors the people once every three months and we (including the kids) meal host - have dinner with our guests one night that week.  It's a good reminder to us the adults and the kids that we should be thankful for what we have because some people are truly in a place where they don't have their own roof over their head. 

Questions/thoughts I have…
   This has nothing to do with homeschooling really but I've been pondering the idea that we're supposed to love God first and most.  That we have to trust our children to him.  I've seen so many fellow moms online esp that have lost children/babies and it makes it hard for me to trust God to love my children as much as I do even though I intellectually know that He loves them FAR more!
Things I’m working on…
    I'm working on getting our playroom cleaned back up and I'm working on finishing the organization of our school stuff.  I HAVE to find a way to organize all of our stuff and I'm still not quite there yet.  So that is my big project this coming week.
I’m reading…
  I have a few books out from the library right now.  I'm not dug into any of them yet though I started the first chapter of two of themThey are all part of series' which is my favorite reading.  I like to watch the character's relationships grow and change and such.  One is the Hannah Swensen Series, one is the Savannah Reid series, and one is the Aunt Dimity series and they are all murder mystery books.  Shocked?  I love murder mysteries, it's what I watch on tv, it's what I read in books.  Don't know why, it's ingrained in me.
I’m cooking…
 Amazingly I'm not cooking anything.  I will cook chili for supper later tonight.  I haven't been in the mood to cook this week which is unusual for me.
I’m grateful for…
 My family, the opportunity to school my children at home and watch them learn, and for friends.
I’m praying for…
 These friends as they are journeying through the adoption process.  Check out their blogs and add your prayers if you feel so inclined:
Subtracting by Adding 
Rily Sily Family

Both families are or will be hosting various fundraisers to bring their new additions home so feel free to check the blogs out regularly and again I know that all of our prayers are super appreciated and as I've mentioned in a previous post I feel very strongly about adoption.

A photo, video, link, or quote to share…
  A video - I MUST share it again: 

A link - found this today and it's going to be a great resource for us as I had already planned to use the boys' awana verses for their bible study in school this year!

Homeschool Creations - awana printables

So I'm done for today.  Head over and check out some of the other fabulous journal blogs today.


  1. I enjoyed the song. Welcome to the weekly wrap-up.

  2. That song has been a huge blessing to me recently! Thanks for stopping by!