Friday, August 19, 2011

The first week of school is done

Welcome to another edition of the homeschool mother's journal.  I'm linking up here today so head over and check out the other journal entries shared around the web!

In my life this week:
The weather this week had been nice, hot during the days but cooling off fantastically in the evenings.  LOVE.

Not much other than starting school happened here this week.  KOJ took a promotion at work and so we're getting used to his new even longer drive (which means new longer days for me and the kids).  Tomorrow we're going to take the kids apple picking which I'm pretty excited about.  My life is pretty boring huh?

In our homeschool this week:
We started school this week.  It went very nicely.  I'll say though that if you walk into our home and expect to find a neat and orderly classroom and a neat and orderly class you're going to have to look elsewhere because you won't find that here.  This week I started the main curriculum with the oldest monkey.  He's doing 1st grade this year and I wanted to get into a flow with him.  Next week I'll add in my k-4 monkey's curriculum (this week he and the toddler tot monkey just played different activities and watched leapfrog videos).  I am really happy with Squirrel's curriculum.  It flows nicely with little to no teacher prep and with four small monkeys it's exactly what I NEED!  We spent Thursday at the park this week and made a short trip to the library after naps in the afternoon.

My favorite thing this week was:
Doing school on the couch with Squirrel this morning.  I like that we can do our school wherever we want/need to here at home.

Questions/thoughts I have:
How do I balance it all?  Now that school has begun I'm so focused on that and doing well with it and being consistent that watching my calories in the losing weight process, and menu planning and cleaning and such get kinda ignored or put on the back burner.

A photo/video/link to share:

 This is what school looks like.
This too.  FUN!  And helping each other.

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