Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Noise and such

Do ya'll have any idea how much noise four children make??  No?  Maybe I should make an audio clip and post it one of these days.  This evening as KOJ chatted with one monkey while the other two monkeys were talking excitedly with one another in the next room and Princess was jabbering in her high chair I realized that I constantly feel like I'm at a large and very noisy dinner party.  I've been trying for some time to find a solution to the noise pollution here but short of making the monkeys move out I haven't found one yet.  And in these here parts they look down on making your monkeys move out before they're adults so I guess I'm stuck for now.

And such... I took four kids to the peds today for Princess' 9 mo well check.  Yeah I'm THAT mom.  The one who comes in looking bedraggled with three little monkeys following or preceding her in a disorganized fashion while lugging the baby much like a football or a well loved stuffed animal.  The one who sits down and allows her children to play and move about as long as they aren't running or being terribly loud.  The one who allows the wiggly princess onto the floor even if means she eats a piece or two of lint.... God made dirt and dirt don't hurt right?  I'm the one who makes what can really only be idle threats when all can see that I'm clearly WAY outnumbered by the naughty monkeys.  But at least I try.  I try to teach the kids to be respectful of the other people in the office.  I try to allow my kids a little bit of freedom and independence in what is truly not an ideal situation for any of us.  And I try to hide my irritation as the teenage girl I've never met before attempts to discipline my children with disgust on her face.  Once we're back in the room though I feel better.  I don't worry as much about the kids bothering anyone and of course I bring things to try to help occupy them.  And our Ped always jokes about how at home we seem to have made ourselves in the room.  But really, better they be quietly occupied than running to and fro and getting into the medical supplies right?

So Princess is happy and healthy and adorably cute and evidently the ped has noticed how very girly I dress her at every opportunity, as his joke about needing to dress her more girly (as she crawled past him with a bright bow on her head) indicated.  She was 16lbs and 13oz and 26 in long.  She's going to be 1yr old in just under three months and I can't even fathom.  I hope the three months goes slowly.  And I hope that I can find the energy to enjoy every moment of it with her.

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  1. You are so brave to take all 4 to the doctor! And it frustrates me so much when a stranger tries to correct my child! I can't imagine how upset I'd be if a TEENAGER would do that!