Saturday, April 2, 2011

Letter Q school in review

This week we were learning about the letter Q.  There's not much to learn really.  I mean they already know what sound it makes, can name several words that start with it, and know what it looks like.  But still we had fun with our Quilt activities from Confessions of a Homeschooler's Letter of the Week curriculum.  Take a look:

Monday we started off with a few Q activities at the table as seen here:
Note the letter Q do a dot pages, the Letter Q magnet page, and Quilt puzzle by Kayd, and somewhere there was another Q activity.

Then we had a playdate on Tuesday that looked something like this:

My nephew, Princess, my sister's nephew, and Sis 1

Sis 1's nephew and the princess - he is four months older than her.

Niece 2 with Princess

Niece 1 with princess

The kids - niece 1, nephew 2, and Squirrel monkey watching Bubble Guppies.  Strange show btw.   

Then Wednesday we did a lot of house cleaning and worked on our verses for awana which I did not take pictures of.  And Thursday we went to help Sister 2 out at her home while she is recuperating from a surgery.  Again I did not take pictures.  Sorry.

Friday though we really dove into our learning.  We started the day checking on our plants for our garden.  That looked a bit like this:
The cucumber seedlings.
The tomato seedlings - some are for large tomatoes and some are for cherry tomatoes.

Then we checked on our caterpillars who are getting remarkably bigger.  In another couple of days they should turn into chrysalis' which will be fun and exciting.
They LOVE the caterpillars.  So fascinated.

We had an interesting question about them that we stopped to look up online.  FYI they have teeth called mandibals, that move from side to side in opposing ways in order to eat their food.  Butterlies though do NOT have mandibals, they have a long thingy that is like a double barrel straw and drink things like nectar, mud, cow poop, water, and tree sap.  Not all butterflies eat all of these but different ones eat different of these.  Fascinating right?  I never knew so much about butterflies before home schooling my children.

Then we took a break for lunch cause who wouldn't want to eat after learning that some butterflies eat cow poop?  There are no pics of lunch, it wasn't really that fascinating.

Then while Spider monkey was napping I did school with the other two.

Howler monkey finishing his fudge pop while matching capital and lower case q's, and shape puzzles.

Squirrel finishes his fudgesicle while planning his approach to putting mini clothespins on these graphing cards.

A one handed puzzle doer - now THAT'S talent!

Very intent on his activity.

Howler plays with the pom pom magnets and the magnet page.  This is a favorite of all the kids.

Squirrel works on his Qq poke page (you poke a toothpick through the black outline of the Qs.  Good fine motor and hand/eye coordination practice.

How the princess does school - she loves to eat.

Finished graphing cards.  These are laminated so we could've used dry erase markers to actually graph them but I wanted to get out the mini clothespins today so I did.

Letter Q find - he did great, found all of them.

Color by number quilt page.
He really LOVES the color by number pages.  He's hilarious.
Doing the color block puzzles and trying to put them together to make his own "quilt"

And that was school this week.  Check us out on Monday to see our Very Hungry Caterpillar muffin tin meal for muffin tin Monday. 


  1. Wow, looks like you've been busy! I used the exact same things to start my seedlings!

  2. It always looks like so much fun at your house! We don't have nearly that much fun here.

    Can't wait to see your VHC lunch. that's my faveorite kid book. :)