Monday, April 18, 2011

Muffin Tin Monday: Resurrection theme

This week for Muffin tin Monday I went with a resurrection theme.  We're learning about the last week of Jesus' life more in depth this week which will of course culminate in Easter or Resurrection Sunday.  Here we call it Easter but we've been really putting the emphasis on the resurrection this year regardless of what we call it.  Without further ado here are the pics of our lunch:

From left to right and top to bottom: lettuce leaf to represent Palm Sunday, pb&j to represent bread, and the cup of juice to represent the wine/juice of the last supper.  String cheese stick cut in half and shaped like a cross, apple pieces cut into squares with peanut butter dots to represent the dice they used to cast lots for Jesus' garments.  Applesauce with cinnamon (spices they put on Jesus), napkin to represent the cloth the wrapped Jesus in, and under the apple stone is an empty tomb.

Before I let them eat we talked about what each of the things represented as we went through the story.  Then they dug in:

And I had some very satisfied customers:
And as a bonus here's a picture I took of my grandma holding Princess at our family Easter egg hunt yesterday:

And one more bonus a group shot of all the kids together:
Spider 2.5, Nephew1 7, Squirrel 5.5, nephew2 5.5, nephew3 4.5, niece3 11.5mo, niece14, Howler 3.95, niece2 2.5,  Princess 9 months.

But this is what they're really like when we haven't spent ten minutes posing them:
You can only imagine the noise that went along with this picture and it was indeed a true candid.  But it was a great time had by all.

Alright ya'll that's it for today, as usual I'm linked up at Muffin Tin Mom so head on over and check out all the other great tins from today.

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