Friday, April 8, 2011

3 in 30 update and some miscelaneous

Ok lets start with the 3 in 30.  How have I done?  AWFUL!  I haven't met one goal this week.  Not one.  Fortunately tomorrow is a new day, God's mercies are new every morning and I still have several hours in THIS day to try to rectify the situation. 

Can I make my excuses now?  First we spent Tuesday and Wednesday mostly out of the house and with four children 5 and under that is no small task.  Also being out of the house makes it more difficult for me to measure and track my food.  Wed we spent the morning at the peds for Princess who has bronchitis and an ear infection but has gained to weigh 18lbs!  That is a 2lbs gain in one month.  Which for Princess is amazing.  She was having some slow gain issues but she seems to be holding her own now.  She still looks super tiny though.

Being out of the house also means I'm not here to work on the laundry room declutter project.  And I have NO excuse for not getting into my bible daily.  It's just such an after thought that I completely forget.  I hate that about myself and that's why I made it a goal this month.  It's a habit I hope to change for the better and for good.

Now that I've given my excuses for totally bombing my first week in the 3 in 30 challenge lets move on.  I meant to get a post up yesterday with a few things I was thankful for but time ran out and I didn't manage to do so.  So I will now post a few things I'm thankful for the past few days.

1 - Thankful for a pre-teen friend who came and played with the boys while Princess and I got a much needed nap yesterday afternoon!

2 - Thankful for a pediatrician's office that we love and trust because frankly Princess has been my sickest child of the four.

3 - Thankful for good food, good time, and great fellowship with friends last night.

4 - Thankful for the rain today because it's making going out with the kids completely unappealing so I won't be tempted to run around town again today.

5 - Thankful that it's the weekend!  Can't wait for KOJ to get home tonight and praying we have a great weekend this weekend.

Just a few things the past few days here that I can be thankful for.

And with that I'm outta here.  I have a princess to wash up (she discovered the yumminess of cereal bars for breakfast this morning!)  I have monkey's to school.  I have a home to attempt to put to rights.  And I have a day in which to do it!  Have a great weekend all!

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