Saturday, January 14, 2012

Saturday - School in review - Snow, Katy And The Big Snow (FIAR)

Yay!  Saturday morning.  Time to review some things that we did in school.  First let me warn you that this post is going to be pic heavy.  Second this post is going to actually involve two weeks of school because we have been working on the same FIAR book/theme the last two weeks and I neglected to post last Saturday.

Onward.  We've spent the last two weeks reading Katy and the Big Snow for FIAR.
Kayd reading to his brothers.
We've been doing lots of letter S activities.  I love the stuff out there that allows us to use our letter of the week in both math and phonics amongst other things.  Take a look at some of the things we've done.  I'll link at the end where I got the different activities from.
Colton counts snowflakes and circles the right number with a dry erase marker while Sawyer builds a snowman with our pattern blocks.
Kayd does his math on the couch.
Sawyer works on a matching activity with some Thomas memory game pieces.
Sawyer sorts out clothes - winter or summer?
He did a pretty good job though only people down south are wearing flip flops this time of year.
Little miss climbed right up on that stool all by herself.
She was very proud of herself with that marker.  She enjoyed herself until I caught her trying to eat it and made her get down.
Road signs are important to Katy in Katy and the big snow, we made a little booklet of different road signs.
Sawyer "reads" his booklet.
The older two boys finish gluing their road signs in the right spots.
Trying to keep Sierra happy with the pattern blocks.
handwriting practice
And this is what the littles do while I do Kayd's other subjects with him.

We had a blast with lots of great snow activities.  There were other things we did too that I don't have pics of.  But here are a few links to things we did (pictured or not).

The Snowy Day printables from Jolanthe at Homeschool creations.  Appreciate all of the hard work that she does.  The snowflake cards Colton is using in the 2nd pic and the handwriting page and clothing sort Sawyer is using later on are both from this printable pack.  Check out this post she did on her own adventures with The Snowy Day book - I'm inspired.  I feel another row coming on.

Letter of the Week printables from Erica at confessions of a homeschooler (not pictured but we used them all week both weeks).  We bought the curriculum so I can just print at will.  I love it.

The road sign booklet I found at homeschoolshare filed under Katy and the Big Snow.

The pattern block pages I found by searching on pinterest.  I probably have them linked on my school board.

Also not shown but after our group time together Kayd and I go in his room and work on his math, grammar, and spelling.

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  1. I just recently started reading your blog. It looks like you really have so much fun with the homeschooling. Thanks for sharing.