Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A new routine on the blog

I'm bringing a new posting routine to the blog.  This first month of the new year is about new routines in our home and I'm incorporating my little blog in that too.  Right now I just post when I feel like it with no real rhyme or reason and I feel like the blog is boring and directionless.  So for right now I'm going to assign each day a subject to post about.  It's going to look something like the following:

Mondays - Muffin Tin Monday
Tuesdays - day off
Wednesdays - Wordless Wednesday - a chance for me to just share pics I love
Thursdays -  Thankful Thursdays
Fridays - Organizing/decluttering post for the week
Saturdays - school week in review post
Sudnays - Bible reading recap for the week

Hopefully this will help me be more regular about posting.  It will give you guys a sense of consistency and me as well.  I need that right now.  Routine and consistency.  So those of you already loyal readers THANKS!  I hope you find my new blog routine a fresh and positive change.

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