Friday, January 27, 2012

Organizing project week 4

The "coffee counter" in the kitchen was a wreck.  This happens often but I'm trying to keep it cleared off and neatly organized.  We put this shelf up on the wall to add a little bit of extra surface space as counter space in our kitchen is at a premium.

This shelf had become a bit of a collect all and just a hodge podge of mess.

I removed everything that didn't actually belong on the shelf, washed the shelf, hung the menu board, added the basket to corral my instant coffee mixes.  It looks much neater now.  It's amazing how the neatness of one shelf can affect a whole room.  It was a simple project that didn't take me very long at all.  The basket I used for the coffees is from the dollar store.  I found that menu board at goodwill for .99!  Love great deals like that.

I used to have a coffee pot on the shelf but I moved it and soon I'm going to remove it from the kitchen altogether.  I rarely use it anymore after discovering the instant cappuccino coffee mixes.  Brewing a whole pot for one cup was always a waste.  I'll store the coffee pot in the laundry room with other occassional use appliances to be used when we have company or a party or something.

I'm very happy with how the shelf looks at the end of the day.

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