Friday, January 13, 2012

Organization project 2012 week 2

And I see it's Friday again.  Oops.  Life gets busy over here.  The girl child keeps me actively on my toes pretty much non stop.  Not to worry though because I definitely have an organization post for you.  Today we're going to look at under the kitchen sink.



I found those baskets at the dollar store and LOVE them.  They are the perfect baskets for this space as they are tall and square.  They work great at containing our millions of washcloths, and our rags, trash bags, and extra pot holders.  We're a primarily cloth house - when the kids spill we grab a rag not a roll or paper towels.  So finding space to hold the cloth is important.  Having that space organized is kinda nice too.  This project was pretty simple and only took a few minutes but I love it and it makes a huge difference in the functionality of this space.

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  1. I think your next project should be to organize my place! :-)