Friday, January 6, 2012

2012 Organizing project week 1

Ok so we had a great break off of school during the holidays.  Unfortunately somehow during that time the school room became a dumping grounds and not exactly a peaceful place to do school.  Our old set up was the school/playroom was downstairs and our bedrooms were upstairs, the kids in one room and me and KOJ and in the other.  A few months ago now we switched things around and it works great this way (I definitely had my reservations).  The landing upstairs is the school room for the k-4 and preschool boys and the first grader has a desk and his workboxes in his bedroom.  The majority of our toys are in the other bedroom and we gave Princess in there during school so she can't get into trouble or get into our school work.

So I apparently didn't think to take before pics but here are the after pics:

Preschool desk - Colton works on the left and Sawyer on the right.  The middle chair is mine.

activity bins - a couple phonics, a couple math, and a couple skills.  I change these weekly based on the theme of our school work that week.

our calendar, seasonal books, and my teacher closet

There you can see Kayd's desk and his workboxes.

I obviously didn't snap any pics of the other bedroom which is Sierra's play space during school time.  It feels great to have a clean and organized space.

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