Friday, January 20, 2012

Organizing project - week 3

This week I'm going to show you how I organized the lego situation.  I got the drawers right after Christmas and the boys and my SIL helped sort them out by color.  But really today what I want to show you is this fantastic idea (which of course was NOT my own) of letting the kids each have an "in progress bin".  See they enjoy using the legos but my floor ends up looking like this:

An in progress bin will give them somewhere to store those pieces without having to put them all back in the right drawers every single time I want to walk without killing myself.

I just took the clear shoebox containers you can get at walmart or the dollar store and labeled them with a mailing address label - one for each boy.
And this is how it's been working out this week:

I moved the bins out of the dining room into the living room and moved in a nightstand I was moving out of my bedroom for the kids to use as a lego/play table.  It has been a BIG hit this weekend and has REALLY cut down on the legos on the floor.  It hasn't stopped it altogether because of little miss there but the boys are being better about it for the most part.

Oh and I got this idea from Jen at Iheartorganizing - GREAT blog to check out for lots of organizing tips and inspiration.

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