Thursday, January 10, 2013

Making hard choices

We've made choices in our lives.  Before we met we each made choices.  After we met we've each made choices.  Since our marriage we have together made many many choices.  Some really bad ones.  Some super good ones such as four monkeys and moving back to my hometown with them.

While doing our budget for the new year this past week we had to make some choices.  Well mostly I make the choices, I convey what I'm thinking to KOJ and he generally agrees with me.  If he doesn't agree he says so and then I sometimes agree with him.  It's not an argumentative subject for us.  I mean I totally see where money can be a problematic subject in marriages but it's really not in ours.  It's not more important than loving one another or loving God.

So back to the choices.  Perhaps I should mention here that we are down to one vehicle and have been since about last August or September.  It's a real bummer.  BUT I've gotten mostly used to being back to one vehicle.  Our insurance costs are less on one vehicle.  The kids and I didn't do a ton outside of the house during the weekdays anyway.  There are times it's inconvenient but really having a vehicle at all is a luxury to most of the world.

The library and two parks as well as the local fountains are within easy walking distance from our home for summer activities.  There's a river walk in close proximity too that the kids love to walk to.  We can see the train tracks from the end of our block.  I prefer to shop on the weekends without the kids in tow anyhow.

So we had to make a decision.  A few actually.  The first decision was about replacing our second vehicle.  We have been planning to use tax return money to do so.  We are still planning on that.  However my dad advises us that tax time is THE WORST time to buy a car.  Waiting until fall will get you more car for the same money.  So we had to decide to wait or buy once the money is in.  We have decided to wait.  We will wait until September/October and hopefully get a really good deal on a very fuel efficient vehicle.

Deciding to wait on the second car forced us to make other decisions regarding the children's summer activities.  The past two years Kayd has played little league ball, last year Colton was able to play also.  Not having a second vehicle would make it pretty much impossible to get to all the games on time so we had to decide to forgo baseball this summer.  Last year Kayd was super blessed to get to go to daycamp with a ton of our church friends but without a second vehicle I have no way to get him there this year and so we had to choose to forgo daycamp.  Colton is old enough for daycamp this year too so it's even more of a bummer.

It hurts my mama heart to not be able to give my kids the entire world on a platter.  But I know deep down that they're lives aren't going to be ruined by one summer of less running around and fewer activities.  Daycamp and little league ball are optional activities.  My children have a home, they have plenty of food in their bellies, they have parents who love each other and them, they have God.  My children really don't lack for what's important in life and I think that I would do well to remember that. 

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