Thursday, January 31, 2013

A story about a bat


Flying bat.

There was a flying bat in my house last night.

About ten minutes after KOJ pulled out of the driveway with all three boys, leaving me alone with Sierra, a bat came swooping out of my kitchen into the dining room.

Sierra was obliviously watching Dora.  She was also nekid.  Yeah, that's right.  Nekid.  I wasn't in any suitable shape for leaving the house either. 

It has been a VERY long time since I've encountered a bat in my living space.  My poor throat was so sore from screaming at the bat.  What few brain cells I may have had left flew away with the bat.

A few fun facts.  We only have one vehicle.  It was at church with Jay.  It was pouring rain outside.  Jay does not have a cell phone and I had NO way to get a hold of him to come rescue us.  My own phone was three rooms away on the kitchen counter.

Now all I could recall from being a child and having a bat in our house was my mom insisting that we put underwear on our heads.  As an adult I didn't really think that was a sane idea.  So instead I grabbed the fleece tie blanket my mom made me for my birthday, jumped onto the couch next to Sierra and threw the blanket over us.  When I peeked out and could no longer see the bat flying around I asked Sierra to go in the kitchen and get my phone.  Do you know that this child looked straight at me and said "No, scared." and went back to watching Dora??  Finally, after a few minutes of no bat activity I did a slumped over tip toe to the kitchen to retrieve my phone.

I called my mom first and got her voice mail.  I left rather a desperate message.  I called several of Jay's friends hoping they were also at church and could get my message to him but I got no help there.

While waiting for Dora to finish I grabbed the clothes Sierra got out for herself earlier but never bothered to put on and got her dressed in case we had opportunity to leave our bat infested house.

Finally, Dora got over and Sierra was then willing to come upstairs with me so that we could lock ourselves in my bedroom.  Shortly after getting up there my mom called me back.  She came over with her broom, turned on EVERY light, looked in every nook and cranny and could not find the bat.  She did leave the front door open while looking though so it's possible the bat flew back outside while she was in another room.  We did not have another sighting of the bat again so we are fairly sure that's what happened.

The end.

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