Tuesday, January 29, 2013

a new plan

I love homeschooling.  I know I mentioned that recently.  But I have more reasons I love homeschooling right now than I posted about then.

Homeschooling can be flexible.  It can be easily changed when it needs to be.

For example I have planned to finish this school year in mid June and start back up in mid August.  That's going to change. 

Kayd is going to finish his 2nd grade math curriculum by the end of February - and that is if we really draw it out.  He's going to finish his 2nd grade spelling by the end of March.  This is actually really great for our family right now.

We're going to move into math notebooking and living math activities until I can get his third grade math curriculum in May or June.  I think that he'll enjoy the break from the formal math and honestly the ideas I'm coming across for living math and math notebooking look fun! 

We will continue on with our planned social studies/history schedule of Magic Tree House books and various topics.  This we will finish in June.  We will probably take a week or two off in July but we're not going to take a big summer break this year.

We're going to want to get started on our next school year early because come the end of September we're going to want to take a bit of a break from formal school work.  We will want to spend time loving on and getting to know the newest member of our family who will be arriving about then.  That's right, this jungle is getting a new monkey.  We're all very excited.  The kids are beyond thrilled and that alone makes me beyond thrilled - though I was pretty happy anyway.

For science the next several months I plan to have the kids learn about the weekly developments of our newest family member.  I love that we homeschool and that affords ALL of the kids to spend time in the babies first weeks with the baby and welcoming him or her into our home and family and daily life.

And so here I sit making a new plan.  And for once I'm not frustrated at all at the need for a new plan.  It's such a great reason to need a new plan.


  1. Squeeee! Congratulations!!! I am SO excited for you!!!

    1. Thanks so much Jen! It is so great to have others be excited with us!

  2. Oh that's so funny! I'm expecting too! Right around then as well. I have 3 boys and little girl as well. And I think we'll be doing the same thing with school :)). Congrats!!! How are you feeling? I'm right in the throngs of feeling pretty junky....but thankful to have a good reason for it :).

    1. Thanks Annie for the congrats and congratulations to you too! Our children are such a blessing. I'm actually feeling ok as long as I don't eat stuff the baby apparently doesn't like - this includes but is not limited to cake batter, donuts, and other high sugar stuff. As long as I stay away from that stuff I feel mostly ok, just really really tired. My kids have been really great about letting me sleep in some on the mornings and I'm so thankful. Thanks for stopping by my blog here, hope you come back again.