Tuesday, November 27, 2012

So much to do... only 27 days to do it

Wow!  We had a marvelous Thanksgiving holiday weekend.  Hope all of my readers did too!  My sister in law came to visit and joined my mom and I on our black Friday shopping adventures.  I think we've got her hooked.  Hoping we make the whole thing a yearly tradition!  So.Much.FUN!  She fit right in with the two of us sleepless crazies. I mean that as a compliment (in case she reads this).

But now, now the weekend is over, KOJ is back to work, SIL is back to her home far away, FIL back to his, and it's me and the kids roaming the house.  I made headway on the cleaning yesterday but it will take me all week to get the house back the way I want it.  I'm just that slow and I don't want to miss out on living life with the kids in between.

This week I need to prep our advent adventures to start on Saturday.  I'm actually really happy that the 1st falls on a Saturday as we're down to one car but having KOJ home with the van on Saturday will make it possible to do a family Christmas fun activity and get out and do something to Light Em UP.  I think we'll stock up on candy canes to start with.  So excited for the coming month of fun with the kids.

I'm also in the final three weeks of crafting for Christmas.  I have to sew up the last three big capes for cousins, all four mini capes for our stuffed pets, four dresses, four or five nightgowns (Sierra might get two), three pairs of pj pants, the binding on my quilts, and Sierra's quiet book pages.  Phew.  What am I thinking???  Oh but first I need to cut out the dresses and nightgowns and pj pants. lol  Fortunately I can do that part during the day and I shall because I'm running out of evening hours.  This week I have almost zero evening hours to work on things because I'm doing something else with those hours.

I also need to have the kids draw names and then work with them one on one to craft something for a sibling.  I think I'll create a pinterest board of simple projects they could make for each other and let them choose from there unless they have their own idea.

How are all of you doing on your holiday prepping??

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