Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

Well this is going to be a short post.  We love Jesus and we do Halloween.  I let my kids dress up and we go trick or treating.  They are never allowed to wear scary or gory costumes but we do let them dress up.  I'm ok with this.  Normally we go to a trunk or treat event that a local church holds.  I like this for a few reasons. 

1. We see a lot of people we know there.
2. One stop and it takes up the entire 1.5hrs that the city gives us to trick or treat.
3. There are little games to play at most of the trunks along the way.

But because the weather was drizzly and COLD last night we decided to go to the safe trick or treat at the school in the next town over.  Only then at about noon my mom messaged to let me know that this had been canceled.  Bummer.  But there was a church there that was having an indoor event so we decided to head over to that.

We loaded up our two spidermen,

Bob the builder,

Little Red Riding Hood,

and made our first stop at a friend's house where instead of candy she was taking professional digital photos, we reloaded and headed over to the church in the next town over.  That event only took us about 30 min or so and the kids really wanted to keep going.  Being the super smart mom that I am I had tossed their warmer coats into the car when we left home so we went back to the van and bundled up and headed out.  Being the super smart mom that I am I sent KOJ back to get the car and park it at the opposite end of the street we were venturing down.  This way tired, freezing children wouldn't have to traipse back to the car several blocks.  We went to maybe 10 houses but I sorted out the candy today and found that they got a decent haul in my opinion.

I sorted the candy out and divided it by types evenly into baggies for the kids to eat out of for the next week or so.  I sorted out most of the non-chocolate candy to take in to our church for the Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes we put together as a church.

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