Saturday, November 3, 2012

Sew Saturday: Peek a Boo book

A quick post from me today.  I mentioned in a recent post that we attended a baby shower for some dear friends of ours.  When I began working on my homemade Christmas projects back in December and decided to do a quiet book for Sierra I KNEW right away that I wanted to do a quiet book of some kind for my friends' new baby as well.  The thing is that the quiet book for Sierra has taken hours and hours.  So I began searching around for a quiet book idea that would be simple to make, be made of fabric and sewing, and be something safe and fun for a baby.

I stumbled across a peek a boo book here at Oopsey Daisy and thought it was perfect!  But I wanted something a little less holiday themed.  And I needed to work with what I had on hand.

I do not have pictures of the process but it was pretty simple and the final product mostly speaks for itself.

I began digging through the mounds of scrap flannel I have in my house at the moment and found that animals was a common theme on a lot of them.  So I dug out my favorite ones and cut out the animals.  While digging I found this great black fabric that has kind of a velour feel on one side and silky feel on the other side and I thought it was perfect for a baby experiencing new textures.
I took my felt and cut it to size.  Then I took the black material and cut out squares for the flaps.  I sewed two squares together for each flap taking care that I would end up with a velour feeling side and silky side on each one.  I used my zig zag stitch to sew the animals onto each page then I sewed the black flaps over the animals.  Some of the flaps opened up, some down, some left, and some right. I added the name of each animal in freehand cross stitch.  Not my favorite thing to do but I think it added a cute touch mostly.
The last page of the book was my favorite.  I had found a template for a penguin finger puppet on pinterest and I sure did enjoy making him.  He was super cute.  I attached ribbon to the book page at the same time as I attached the black flap on this page and I attached the other end of the ribbon to the penguin's head.  This way the baby could pull it out and play with it and my friend wouldn't have to worry about it getting lost.
Once each page was made I sewed two pages back to back again using my zig zag stitch.  Then I put eyelets in the top left corner of each double page and I put a book ring through all the pages to make the book.
And that is this week's sew Saturday project.  Come back next week to see the wet bag I made her.

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