Thursday, May 19, 2011

coupons, meal planning. cutting out HFCS and food dyes.

Hello readers.  Sorry about the longish absence.  And yes I see that today is Thursday so I'll probably mention a few things I'm thankful for.  I see also that blogger here has messed up a post that was supposed to have posted last Friday for ya'll about eating from the pantry.  We have continued this week with eating as much from the pantry as possible.

Do you all want to hear about my couponing?  Meal planning?  New goals to omit high fructose corn syrup and artificial coloring/food dyes from our foods?  Ok here's a short bit:

I coupon.  As regularly as possible without making myself go insane.  I enjoy the thrill of the hunt for a good deal.  Unfortunately in the past a lot of the savings I've gotten have been on boxed and processed foods.  But I've also found coupons for deli meats, produce, meats etc.  Some stuff I will continue to buy processed for right now.  Ideally I find time to sit down and plan out a week of meals.  I write a shopping list for that meal plan.  I mark off everything I already have in the pantry to see what is left to actually buy for the meals.  When choosing meals I often choose based on what we already have in the pantry or freezer.  If we have a lot of chicken but little ground meat I will try to plan more chicken meals.  When meat we know we eat a lot goes on a super good sale I stock up.  I have been known to "borrow" space in my mom's chest freezer as we don't have our own.  In cutting out high fructose corn syrup and food dyes we're eating a LOT healthier.  I reach for a fresh fruit or veggie to hand the kids instead of an over-processed cereal bar or something.  My kids LOVE fruits and veggies so this is not a problem.  As long as I keep them on hand we're all set.  Feel free to share tips, favorite HFCS and dye free brands, and other thoughts on this matter in the comments.  I appreciate feed back from my readers.

And in the spirit of Thankful Thursday:

I'm thankful for food to eat - esp fresh, healthy food, clean water to drink, and coupons to clip.  Thankful also for the roof over our heads that protects us from the rain that falls, and the rain that falls that feeds the crops in our surrounding community so that we have fresh, healthy, locally grown food to eat.  It's all a huge circle.  And it never ceases to amaze me.

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