Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: End of Summer Fun

We had a very busy weekend this past weekend.  We had it stuffed full with lots of summer fun.  I'm going to caption the photos but otherwise the pictures are the post today.

All my ducklings all in a row.... off to apple picking we go
when did princess monkey get so independent??
KOJ and Sierra pick an apple together.  Love his hand over hers.
Kayden picking an apple.
group shot of the monkeys and their cousins (their mama would probably also call them monkeys too!)
Exploring what dairy cows eat.
Colton petting the pregnant cow.
the kiddos thought the calves were so cute.
tractor riding
milking a cow... sorta.
Sierra's turn to milk the cow.  My little cow girl.
End of summer family bonfire has become tradition.  This is all but a couple of the cousins.
KOJ got the bonfire going and then oversaw the roasting of the marshmallows.
The kids enjoyed "Shadow dancing" when we turned on our headlights to see the picnic area while we were cleaning up.  

And thus ended a good summer.  And onward to fall we go.

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